23: 6 Ways to Increase Your Profit Margins on Amazon

Masters of marketplace Episode 23

6 Ways to Increase Your Profit Margins on Amazon

Feb 25, 2020 | Podcast

One of the biggest problems plaguing brands on Amazon is the ever decreasing profit margins across many different categories and products. Amazon has been squeezing its sellers, but the good news is there are solid ways to increase your brand’s profits across the Amazon marketplace. Whether you have small or large products, high priced or low priced items, listen in for 6 simple yet super effective ways to increase your profit margins on Amazon.

About This Episode

Do you often find yourself asking, ‘’ How could I be more profitable on Amazon’’ or even worse, “Why can’t I see any profits?’’ Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world and it is a major sales channel for many companies, both small and large.

But it has also become the most competitive e-commerce platform and the ever-increasing selling and fulfillment fees can quickly kill your profit and put your business in serious danger.

Fortunately Kathleen is back with another helpful episode of Masters of Marketplace!

Today she shares 6 different strategies to increase your profit margins when selling on Amazon. This marketplace can be a goldmine if you know how to optimize your products for sale. Take advantage of her over 10 years experience and learn for free how to implement her top essential yet incredibly easy ways to save money on fees, how to reduce packaging and shipping costs and boost sales.

Plus, you will have the chance to find an untapped profitable niche on Amazon!

Tune in to get the full breakdown of her methods and get to know how to connect with people passionate about Amazon just like you! Let’s dive in!

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Here are a list of resources from this episode:

More Show Notes:

1:35 How to determine if you have good profit margins when selling on Amazon
2:00 How to easily apply strategies to increase your profit margins
2:10 Should you price your products higher on Amazon than your website
3:40 How to make sure that you are making a good return on your investment
4:45 How often you should raise the prices of your products on Amazon
5:00 How to make sure that Amazon is charging you correctly
6:10 Hacks to reduce packaging and shipping costs
7:30 How selling larger quantities of your products on Amazon can increase your earnings
9:45 Why selling gift baskets on Amazon is a great idea every seller should consider
11:10 How enrolling in the Small and Light Program can be beneficial for your business
18:50 Kathleen speaks out about an unexplored profitable niche on Amazon
19:30 Where to get resources, training videos and templates on how to grow your business on Amazon
19:40 What to do if want to meet like-minded people passionate about selling on Amazon

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