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Does this sound like you?

You know you want to make money working from home but with so many “make money online” scams out there, it’s hard to judge who you can trust to show you the way to creating a full time income online.

You’ve spent countless hours researching all the different ways you could work from home, make your own schedule and earn the income you desire but are overwhelmed at all the options and don’t have time to learn a skill that may or may not earn you the monthly income you need to support yourself and your family.

You’ve heard about the opportunities that Amazon provides to make money from home but aren’t sure if it’s right for you because you don’t know what on earth you would sell.

You’ve started a virtual assistant business but haven’t found your niche yet in the crowded world of online freelancing services.

If it does, then you already know how difficult it is to get high quality training and support from someone who already makes six figures per year with income streams from Amazon.

That’s why I’ve created the only online membership that teaches you how to sell on Amazon AND offer it as a service to help other businesses…

I was fed up with hearing stories about smart, motivated females, just like you, who want to earn thousands of dollars per month online but just couldn’t get there due to:

High priced courses who show you how to make money on Amazon but still require that you invest even more money in expensive branding, and large quantities of inventory with no guarantee your products will actually sell.

Broken promises from other online “gurus” who think they understand you, but have no clue what it’s like to raise small children, balance a hectic household and still find the time to make good money working from home.

Lengthy trainings that are impossible to tackle because you have very limited free time and need to get there quickly without a ton of time invested into learning a brand new skill.

Good news! That is all in the past now…

Introducing the Masters of Marketplace Membership

This membership shows you exactly how to sell any product on Amazon, create multiple streams of income on Amazon, and trains you how to become an amazing Amazon store manager so you can start offering this as a service.

PLUS you’ll become part of an amazing community of other like-minded entrepreneurial women who will help guide you to the lifestyle of freedom that you know will change your life forever.

Being a part of this membership will help you:

Build a home based business you love, that generates predictable, recurring income and provides you the freedom and lifestyle you deserve.

Overcome overwhelm when getting started and learn a step-by-step process you can use to go from beginner to pro quickly.

Eliminate the guesswork by giving you a step by step roadmap to follow, created by a smart business mom who has been making a full time income from home for over 3 years.

Learn the most valuable skill online today that many people desire to know but few actually know how to do well – generating thousand of dollars on Amazon without the headaches and financial investment of sourcing inventory from overseas.

Attract the right kind of clients who are searching for your help to sell their products online so that you can monetize your Amazon selling skills in more ways than just one.

Tap into the incredible knowledge & collective experience of a community of other female entrepreneurs who are there to support each other and truly believe in collaboration over competition.


. . . and so much more!

Masters of Marketplace Includes Straight to the Point, No Fluff How-To Videos, Worksheets and Tutorials to Keep You on the Direct Path to Money.


~ Plus there are new trainings published AND live Q&A calls every single month AND a private Facebook group so you can network with others selling on Amazon to get any and all of your questions answered that may arise.

What makes Masters of Marketplace different than all the other Amazon selling courses out there?

A Unique Set of Skills – Grow your own online business by helping others navigate the murky waters of selling on Amazon, a service many businesses need but very few service providers offer.

Learn from an Experienced Expert – With over 10 years selling on Amazon, learn from someone who’s been offering Amazon selling services for the past 3 years and helped over 100 businesses across a wide variety of markets.

Unlimited Income Potential – Learn how to generate multiple streams of income from Amazon, including selling your own or someone else’s products, offering it as a service, publishing your knowledge, promoting products as an affiliate and so much more.

Supportive Community of Females – Ladies helping ladies (yes, you can join if you’re a man!) in a collaborative environment where we all have the same goal – to work from home so we can have flexibility of time while contributing as much as we want to the finances.

Meet Kathleen Kobel – Creator of Masters of Marketplace

A decade ago, I was exactly where you probably are now–wanting to sell on Amazon, but never having done it and having no idea where to start.

Now, with over 10 years experience making money on Amazon, I have sold $20 million dollars in products on Amazon and earn 6 figures per year offering Amazon selling services through my consulting agency, Kobel Consulting.

Thanks to the lucrative and flexible nature of Amazon selling, and offering it as a service to other businesses, I’m able to spend lots of time with my kiddos. We have plenty of family time nights and weekends and we take regular family vacations – which would have been unthinkable before I learned about Amazon selling.

Now I’m on a mission to share with you everything I’ve learned, so you can reap these benefits as well. I want you to experience the profound shift in wealth and lifestyle, available through Amazon selling, that I was able to create myself in a matter of months, with zero experience.

Yes, you can do this too–and I’m here to show you how.

Kathleen has been featured on….

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you when you enter the Masters of Marketplace Membership portal:

This membership is full of in-depth, practical Amazon selling and monetization resources so you can build and grow your successful Amazon store while learning the additional skills necessary to offer it as a service to help other businesses…

PLUS there is a 14 day money back guarantee.

If you decide that once you get access to Masters of Marketplace and truly don’t believe it’s a fit for you, just let us know within 14 days of your signup and we’ll refund your money on the spot. We understand this isn’t for everyone and we only want members who are ready to use their membership to make serious money on Amazon.

Get Instant Access to the Masters of Marketplace Membership!


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What Others are Saying. . .

“I can’t imagine living without Kathleen! When I first decided to put my Boss Mom products up on Amazon I had no idea where to start or if it was even possible. Kathleen has guided me through the process in a way that was so easy and simple that I can’t imagine having ever done it without her. If you’ve even thought about putting your products on Amazon, Kathleen is your lady. I heart her face!”

Dana Malstaff

CEO, Boss Mom

“Kathleen and her team at Kobel Consulting are great. They have made setting up and managing our Amazon store easy and painless. We saw the need for our customers to be able to buy some of our products through Amazon and didn’t have anyone internally that was qualified to set up a store and manage it. We found Kathleen and it has been so seamless it really feels like she is part of our team. Our Amazon store is up and running and is starting to become an impactful part of our business.”

Joe Mecca

Owner, KwikBoost

“She knows just about everything there is to know about selling on Amazon, and is diligent about updating her students and clients on the ever changing rules and regulations of Amazon sales. I would highly recommend her course and her services to anyone thinking of starting their own Amazon store. She can and will make an enormous impact on your first launch and on the future of your business.”

Melissa Kirk

Owner, Levity & Company

“Kathleen’s methods are so easy to follow you don’t have to be an Internet expert to be successful. She teaches you how to successfully build a business with Amazon and shows you how to make the process simple and enjoyable. Kathleen is so passionate about her work. It’s impossible not to enjoy learning with her as a teacher!”

Julie Domina

Blogger, Making Sense of MS


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to already have products to sell to take this course?

Nope! You can totally have a service-based business, but use products on Amazon as a way to elevate your brand visibility or use your new skills to be marketable to other business owners. 

What if I get stuck in the course? Is there extra help?

Yes! There is a Facebook group where you will receive help from me and the support from others building their brands on Amazon just like you!

When do I get access to the training materials, Facebook group and live Q&A sessions?

Right NOW! As soon as you enroll you get access to ALL the training materials, can request access to the Facebook group and will receive the schedule for the LIVE Q&A calls to make sure ALL your questions get answered.

I’m so busy. I’m worried I won’t have time for this.

These online courses are designed for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to guess about what to do to get the job done right. BUT, if you know you’re going to outsource this part of your business (and you probably should), it’s the perfect resource for your virtual or admin assistant to learn so they can run the Amazon store for you. 

If there’s anything at all that you’re still unsure of, anything I haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions, then please contact me at and I’ll get all your questions answered.


Get Instant Access to the Masters of Marketplace Membership!


If you’re ready to learn one of the the most valuable and in demand skills online today by enrolling in the the membership, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…