Ditch Your Amazon Headaches and Let an Expert Teach You How to Save Time and Make Money on the Largest Marketplace on Earth – AMAZON.

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Does this sound like you?


You’re a brand owner with an amazing product catalogue and you’re ready to scale your brand on Amazon.


You know you can increase sales on Amazon with your product catalog, if only you could reach more people.


You’ve heard that there are hundred of millions of Amazon customers who you know will LOVE your products, but you’re not sure the best way to get started.

You’ve tried everything to grow your sales on Amazon but despite hours of research, nothing seems to give you the consistent sales boosts you need to grow your sales and move your inventory. 



If it does, then you already know how difficult it is to get high quality training and support from someone who already makes six figures per year with income streams from Amazon.

That’s why I’ve created this intuitive and interactive online membership that teaches you how to sell on Amazon so you can achieve the success you deserve…

I was fed up with hearing stories about smart, motivated business owners, just like you, who want to increase your sales and online presence but just couldn’t get there due to:

High priced courses that show you how to make money on Amazon but still require that you invest even more money in expensive branding, and large quantities of inventory with no guarantee your products will actually sell.

Broken promises from other online “gurus” who are only after your money and who offer little to no guidance or support once they’ve received your payment.

Lengthy trainings that are impossible to tackle because you have very limited free time and need to get there quickly without a ton of time invested into learning a brand new skill.

Good news! That is all in the past now…

Introducing the Masters of Marketplace Membership

This membership takes you step-by-step through the process of selling on Amazon, from creating beautiful, optimized product listings to launching and marketing your store, and trains you and/or your employees to expertly navigate the Amazon marketplace so that your business can operate at its full potential. 

PLUS you’ll become part of an amazing community of other like-minded business owners who will help guide and support you through this exciting journey.

Being a part of this membership will help you:

Overcome overwhelm when getting started and learn a step-by-step process you can use to go from beginner to pro quickly.

Eliminate the guesswork by receiving a step by step roadmap to follow, created by an Amazon expert with over 10 years experience selling on Amazon and helping others do the same.

Learn how to launch your business and generate thousand of dollars on Amazon without the headaches and financial investment of sourcing inventory from overseas.

Stay on top of Amazon’s ever-changing guidelines. By joining the membership, you get the benefit of receiving all of this up-to-date information each week during our live office hours.

Tap into the incredible knowledge & collective experience of a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are there to support each other and truly believe in collaboration over competition.


. . . and so much more!

Masters of Marketplace Includes Straight to the Point, No Fluff How-To Videos, Worksheets and Tutorials to Keep You on the Direct Path to Money.


~ Plus you’ll have access to weekly live Q&A calls AND a private Facebook group so you can network with others selling on Amazon to get any and all of your questions answered quickly.

What makes Masters of Marketplace different than all the other Amazon selling courses out there?

Learn how to Increase Profits Quickly – Utilizing Amazon can create an immediate and scalable revenue stream extremely quickly. We’ll teach you how to get your store launched quickly and efficiently with proven launch strategies you can implement right away.

Learn from an Experienced Expert – With over 10 years experience selling on Amazon and helping others do the same, learn from someone who’s helped over 100 businesses across a wide variety of markets.

Save Time & Make it Easy  Amazon can be a confusing beast to tackle when you’re running a business, especially with their constantly changing rules, regulations and systems. We are dedicated to staying on top of these ever-changing guidelines, and by joining the membership, you get the benefit of receiving all of this up-to-date information each week during our live office hours. 

Get the Support of Fellow Business Owners  By joining this membership, you’ll become part of an amazing community of other like-minded business owners who will help guide and support you through this exciting journey. 

Meet Kathleen Kobel – Creator of Masters of Marketplace

A decade ago, I was exactly where you are now. I wanted to sell on Amazon, but had no experience and no idea where to start.

Now, with over 10 years experience navigating the Amazon marketplace, I have sold over $20 million dollars in products and have launched over 100 Amazon stores through my consulting agency, Masters of Marketplace.

Masters of Marketplace is a full service management and consulting agency that provides set up, maintenance, optimization, growth services and strategies for companies that want to sell their physical products on Amazon.

We’re so excited to take what we’ve learned over the years and pass our knowledge on to our members in our Masters of Marketplace membership community.


Kathleen has been featured on….

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for you when you enter the Masters of Marketplace Membership portal:

This membership is full of in-depth, practical Amazon selling resources so you can build and grow your successful Amazon store quickly and efficiently.

Join today and get instant access to the full membership and all it’s benefits, including:

Access to all 6 courses to help you generate multiple streams of income on Amazon:

  • Course 1: Store Setup & Launch
  • Course 2: Manage Like a Pro
  • Course 3: Become an Optimization Master
  • Course 4: Grow Your Sales and Brand
  • Course 5: Start Selling on Amazon with Retail Arbitrage
  • Course 6: Amazon Revenue Streams for Your Business
  • Weekly Office Hour Sessions to get all your questions answered
  • Private Facebook Community for members only
  • Resource Library with recommendations to make your life easier
  • Insider Access to Kathleen and her team to help accelerate the growth of your Amazon store

PLUS there is a 14 day money back guarantee.

If you decide that once you get access to Masters of Marketplace and truly don’t believe it’s a fit for you, just let us know within 14 days of your signup and we’ll refund your money on the spot. We understand this isn’t for everyone and we only want members who are ready to use their membership to make serious money on Amazon.

 Get Instant Access to the Masters of Marketplace Membership!

If you’re ready to learn how to take your business to the next level today by enrolling in the Masters of Marketplace  membership, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…

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What Others are Saying. . .

“I can’t imagine living without Kathleen! When I first decided to put my Boss Mom products up on Amazon I had no idea where to start or if it was even possible. Kathleen has guided me through the process in a way that was so easy and simple that I can’t imagine having ever done it without her. If you’ve even thought about putting your products on Amazon, Kathleen is your lady. I heart her face!”

Dana Malstaff

CEO, Boss Mom

“Kathleen and her team at Kobel Consulting are great. They have made setting up and managing our Amazon store easy and painless. We saw the need for our customers to be able to buy some of our products through Amazon and didn’t have anyone internally that was qualified to set up a store and manage it. We found Kathleen and it has been so seamless it really feels like she is part of our team. Our Amazon store is up and running and is starting to become an impactful part of our business.”

Joe Mecca

Owner, KwikBoost

“She knows just about everything there is to know about selling on Amazon, and is diligent about updating her students and clients on the ever changing rules and regulations of Amazon sales. I would highly recommend her course and her services to anyone thinking of starting their own Amazon store. She can and will make an enormous impact on your first launch and on the future of your business.”

Melissa Kirk

Owner, Levity & Company

“Kathleen’s methods are so easy to follow you don’t have to be an Internet expert to be successful. She teaches you how to successfully build a business with Amazon and shows you how to make the process simple and enjoyable. Kathleen is so passionate about her work. It’s impossible not to enjoy learning with her as a teacher!”

Julie Domina

Blogger, Making Sense of MS


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to already have products to sell to take this course?

Nope! You can totally have a service-based business, but use products on Amazon as a way to elevate your brand visibility.

What if I get stuck in the course? Is there extra help?

Yes! There is a Facebook group where you will receive help from me and the support from others building their brands on Amazon just like you!

When do I get access to the training materials, Facebook group and live Q&A sessions?

Right NOW! As soon as you enroll you get access to ALL the training materials, can request access to the Facebook group and will receive the schedule for the LIVE Q&A calls to make sure ALL your questions get answered.

I’m so busy. I’m worried I won’t have time for this.

These online courses are designed for the busy entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to guess about what to do to get the job done right. BUT, if you know you’re going to outsource this part of your business (and you probably should), it’s the perfect resource for your virtual or admin assistant to learn so they can run the Amazon store for you. 

If you have any concerns or questions contact me at and I’ll get all your questions answered.