11: Reselling on Amazon: Can You Still Make Money with Retail Arbitrage?


Masters of marketplace Episode 11

Reselling on Amazon: Can You Still Make Money with Retail Arbitrage?

Nov 12, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

Are you are ready to start selling online but don’t know how and where to begin? You might be wondering, how much money do I need to investment get started? Or when is best time to take your first step? You’ve come to the right place!

About This Episode

Reselling on Amazon, also known as retail arbitrage, is when you buy products at a discount and then resell them on Amazon, or other online marketplace, for a higher price. 

The two more important factors that will help you save loads of time and make money more quickly in you store are 1. Knowing what kind of products to look for and 2. Knowing where to find products that fit the criteria. Plus, what are the items and brands you should stay away from to help save you loads of time and money? 

In this podcast episode, Kathleen reveals the fastest way to make money on Amazon during this holiday season without a brand of your own. She goes into great details about what products are best to sell along with target profit margins, what items you should avoid and how to identify the most beneficial opportunity, plus so much more! 

After reselling on Amazon for over 10 years, Kathleen has made mistakes and had great successes over the years. Listen to her advice and then go take some action and make money this holiday season with reselling on Amazon! 

Here are a list of resources from this episode:

More Show Notes: 

1:50 What exactly is reselling on Amazon
2:10 Is it hard to resell products on Amazon and who it is best for
2:35 How much money do you need to start reselling on Amazon
2:45 How Kathleen challenges her students when they’re getting started
4:00 How Kathleen start reselling on Amazon and the big mistake that almost got her account shut down
7:35 How much money per year did Kathleen make reselling on Amazon
7:45 What kind of products sell the best on Amazon and what is a good profit margin
10:15 Why selling a heavy and oversized products are not a good idea
11:20 Tips on how to get the Buy Box
12:40 Ideas for where you can source your products
12:45 How to start if you’re a complete newbie at retail arbitrage
13:20 Kathleen’s list of ideas to find items to sell on Amazon
15:20 Kathleen’s expert tips when it comes to reselling products on Amazon
16:20 Masters of Marketplace free resource guide to walk you through reselling on Amazon best practices
16:50 The best way to start reselling on Amazon from an expert with over 10 years experience
17:43 When should you sign up for a professional seller account
18:25 The crucial app you need to help you pick your products to resell on Amazon
20:15 How you can identify a profitable opportunity
22:10 The recommended online course to help guide you step by step through the process of reselling
23:15 When is the best time to start making money on Amazon
23:55 What items to stay away from so you don’t lose money
26:15 What’s the most important thing to remember when selling on Amazon
26:55 Re-selling big name brands and what should you pay attention to

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