Does Selling on Amazon Makes Financial Sense for Your Business

Do you have a product to sell but you aren’t quite sure if it makes financial sense to sell it on Amazon?

How much does Amazon charge to sell your items? What are the fulfillment fees? How do you know if you’ll make a profit at the end of the day?

This short video breaks down Amazon’s fee structure so you how exactly how much money you can make selling your products on their marketplace. Watch now to learn about the cost, fees, target profit margin, inventory requirements and more! The most common questions I get about selling on Amazon are typically about money. “How much money can I really make with all those fees they take out?” “Do I need to send a bunch of inventory to Amazon? How much will THAT cost?” “Does selling on Amazon really make financial sense for my business?” “Will I still make a profit at the end of the day?” These are all great questions. And they are questions you need answered to decide if selling on Amazon is the right move for your business this year. So I recorded a short training video to walk you through exactly the formula and strategy I’ve used to launch dozens of brands on Amazon. It’s actually very simple. Mostly basic math. ? Check out the video I just posted that walks you through my simple spreadsheet to determine if your products are a good fit to sell on Amazon. And if you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of selling on the Amazon marketplace, you can access my Free Video Training that reveals exactly how you can grow your brand by selling on Amazon.