17: Skyrocket Your Sales on Amazon with the Help of These 3 Tools

Masters of marketplace Episode 17

Skyrocket Your Sales on Amazon with the Help of these 3 Tools

Dec 31, 2019 | Podcast

Let’s face it, just about every decision you make as an e-commerce business owner should be based on data. Data is considered as one of the most valuable assets of companies in the digital economy and there is no excuse for not using this knowledge to your advantage to get ahead of your competition and boost your sales.

About This Episode

The key to successful selling is understanding your customers and your competition. When you use a digital platform like Amazon you can track and record just about every customer reaction. E-commerce tools are the right hand of every seller whether you’re a beginner or making six figure profits. It is true that tools can be an essential part of working smarter, not harder but which are the right ones to trust and to really help you skyrocket your sales on Amazon?

On this podcast episode, Kathleen goes over her favorite ecommerce tools she’s been using for years and has provided her with tons of valuable knowledge plus saved her countless hours that otherwise would have been manual working or simply guessing. To get the full run-down on the tools she cannot live without, make sure you listen to this episode. Take out a pen and paper and let’s dive in!

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Here are a list of resources from this episode:

More Show Notes: 

1:05 The ecommerce software marketplace – just as crowded as Amazon
2:50 A great way to support Masters of Marketplace podcast
3:35 The tool Kathleen adores and uses every single day
4:30 An easy to use and affordable tool to help you succeed on Amazon with valid data you can trust
6:30 The browser extension that gives you the most accurate predictions and estimations and a high level overview of the competition
9:00 The SellerLabs tools Kathleen strongly recommends that every Amazon seller should use to boost sales
10:30 Kathleen’s favorite software for keyword research and estimating sales per ASIN
12:15 The perfect autoresponder email software every Amazon seller must implement
14:00 A great tool for finding keyword search volume and increasing your traffic
17:00 Where to get a complete free video training if you want to learn how to make more money on Amazon

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