Use Social Media to Promote your Amazon Business

Use Social Media to Promote your Amazon Business

How can you get more sales to your Amazon listings?

Take advantage of your social media channels and share about your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Social media is such a great resource you can use to promote your Amazon store. And it’s free! Even if all you have is a personal Facebook page, share your story. Let your friends and family know what you’re selling and that your products are available on Amazon. The worst they can do is scroll on by, but this gives you great potential to acquire some new customers.

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Start With Three

When it comes to promoting your business on social media, my advice is to pick 3 channels to focus on. Facebook is the first one I recommend, but there’s also Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube to name a few. Choose 3 and start posting to let your friends and followers know that you are available on Amazon.

So many people prefer to buy exclusively from Amazon, so highlighting this gives you a competitive edge over those who only sell through their websites.

Use Facebook Groups to Find Your Target Audience

My pro social media tip is to find Facebook groups that are relevant to what you’re selling and contact the admins who run the groups.

These are influencers in your niche who can help you promote your product to thousands of people. Reach out to them and offer them a free product in exchange for a review on their website, their blog or their social media.

If they agree, now thousands of people know about your products and that they are available on Amazon. And they are more likely to buy because now they can see a face and a story behind the business, something they can’t do by simply finding you on Amazon.

Affiliate Links

Encourage influencers, and anyone you find to help you promote your business, to use Amazon affiliate links. That way, when anyone purchases your products through their links, they get a kickback.

It’s a win win. You get visibility and they get paid for promoting your product. It’s a strategy I highly recommend to help you get more foot traffic to your Amazon store and to increase your sales.

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