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Did you know that Amazon generated $177,000,000,000.00 in revenue in 2017? (That’s 177 BILLION dollars!) Amazon is the largest, fastest growing e-commerce marketplace in the world. They market brands to millions of people who already have a credit card on file (because it only takes 1 click to purchase nowadays).



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5 Surefire Ways to Quickly Get More Amazon Sales


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The Masters of Marketplace Membership

Masters of Marketplace is a home-study course that teaches entrepreneurs how to start selling their products on Amazon, bringing in thousands or tens of thousand of dollars per month in extra revenue, within months.

The only place that shows you how to achieve maximum results on Amazon in minimum time.

Have you ever felt insanely frustrated because you know selling on Amazon is a great revenue stream, but you aren’t sure how to get started?

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Not sure if you need to already have a product or where to find products?

Meet Kathleen Kobel

Your Amazon Marketplace Expert

Kathleen Kobel learned Amazon selling by growing a vitamin company’s sales from $0 on Amazon to $2 million (annualized) within the first year. Through her home study course “Masters of Marketplace,” she now trains other entrepreneurs how to do the same in their own businesses.

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People I Have Served.

“She knows just about everything there is to know about selling on Amazon, and is diligent about updating her students and clients on the ever changing rules and regulations of Amazon sales. I would highly recommend her course and her services to anyone thinking of starting their own Amazon store. She can and will make an enormous impact on your first launch and on the future of your business.”

Melissa Kirk

Owner, Levity & Company

“I am so grateful for Kathleen. She helped me set up my amazon shop and has been such a blessing in guiding this part of my business journey. I am so glad I hopped on this opportunity and there are only big things ahead, especially with Kathleen’s expert help and advice. Venturing into the open waters of Amazon can be super intimidating, but not when you have an excellent guide on your side!”

Brittia Kubeczka

Owner, Fringe and Fitness

“Kathleen’s methods are so easy to follow you don’t have to be an Internet expert to be successful. She teaches you how to successfully build a business with Amazon and shows you how to make the process simple and enjoyable. Kathleen is so passionate about her work. It’s impossible not to enjoy learning with her as a teacher!”

Julie Domina

Blogger, Making Sense of MS

“A big shout out Kathleen Kobel for suggesting including my books in Amazon Prime day and then helping me make it happen…this is a perfect example of why you should hire people that know what they are doing and then listen to their advice. Thank you lady…I just LOVE working with you…you are an Amazon Goddess.”

Dana Malstaff

CEO & Founder, Boss Mom

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