How to Support Small Businesses by Shopping on Amazon

Did you know that you can support small businesses when shopping on Amazon?

You can even search by local small businesses that are selling on Amazon – how great is that!

Many people don’t know how to find small business products to purchase on Amazon and even more don’t know how to identify a product sold by a small business when searching around on Amazon.

I’m going to show you both!


How to Support Small Businesses by Shopping on Amazon

There is a misconception among many people that everything for sale on Amazon is sold by Amazon. This is incorrect and there are, in fact, nearly two million small businesses worldwide selling their products on Amazon, and about 500,000 of those businesses are based in the United States.

These businesses utilize the Amazon platform to reach their customers that prefer to buy their products through the e-commerce titan and take advantage of fast and free shipping. 

We’re going to show you how you can support small businesses and shop locally this holiday season, and through all seasons, by shopping on Amazon and still take advantage of your Prime membership shipping.


Finding Small Businesses on Amazon:

The quickest and easiest thing you can do to find small businesses on Amazon is to do a Google search. Type “small businesses on Amazon” into the search bar and several links will pop up, including links from Amazon that will show you what these businesses are. 

Clicking the Amazon link “Shop Local Small Businesses” will take you to a page where you can navigate through various tabs to support small business, shop locally according to your region, or browse curated categories such as Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Clothing, etc. 

You can also shop the Small Business Gift Guide or search businesses by type of ownership, such as Black-Owned, Woman-Owned, Family-Owned, among others.

Under the Join & Learn tab, you can sign up to have your small business featured on Amazon or you can check out the Day One blog to learn about the business owners already selling on Amazon. Another easy way to learn about a small business is through their product listings. While browsing products, you can click on the link just below the product title to visit the seller’s store page to find out more about the business.

So, if you choose to show your support to local and small businesses rather than buying from large corporations or manufacturers in China, Amazon makes it very easy to find and support the small business owners selling on their marketplace and still take advantage of that Prime shipping.  


Getting Your Small Business on Amazon


In 2020, Amazon added 200,000 new sellers to its marketplace worldwide, a 45% increase over 2019. The number of US sellers who surpassed one million dollars in sales grew by nearly 15% and the number of US sellers who surpassed ten million dollars in sales grew by 40% year over year from 2020. 

There is enormous potential here for small business owners, so if you don’t already have your products on Amazon, you need to seriously think about getting them on the marketplace. We have really great resources at Masters of Marketplace to help small business owners get set up on Amazon. Visit where we’ll take you through the 4 qualifiers to determine if your business is right for selling on Amazon and a 7 step roadmap to get your products live and launched for sale on Amazon.

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