12: How to Set Your Brand Up for Success on Amazon

Masters of marketplace Episode 12

How to Set Your Brand Up for Success on Amazon

Nov 19, 2019 | Podcast

As an ecommerce business owner you want to boost your sales. But can you set yourself apart from the competition and grow a sustainable business on Amazon? It’s time to jump into another insightful podcast episode of Masters of Marketplace and learn how to use your brand’s assets to help you gain rapid growth and success selling on Amazon.

In this episode, you’ll learn why it is a smart decision to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry Program, what you need to get accepted and what are the best ways to fully utilize its benefits. Kathleen also shares her thoughts on why creating an Amazon Storefront is an excellent opportunity to tell your brand story and how using the new Amazon advertising campaign type can increase your sales outside of the platform. To get the full breakdown on how you can set your brand up for success on Amazon, listen to this insightful episode of Masters of Marketplace.

About This Episode

A vital factor in setting your brand up for success on Amazon is to enroll in Amazon’s brand registry program. There is one main thing you need in order to get approved for brand registry, a registered trademark. Not the ™ but the actual ®, along with packaging that displays your brand name.

Another way is to set up a beautiful amazing Amazon Storefront page to represent your brand to its fullest potential. It’s a great way to get creative on how to deliver your brand message to customers, along with highlighting your full product catalog and other resources that your business offers to customers. Plus you get access to unique analytics features to view where your customers are coming from, which pages are most popular and what products convert the best.

People buy from emotion, not necessarily out of need. Using the Amazon Storefront feature is a great opportunity to let customers know that you are a small business and what mission statement is to help them.

A+ content is another helpful tool that Amazon’s Brand Registry program allows you to utilize on the product descriptions itself. Plus, if you’re on mobile, it displays much higher on your product detail page than if you’re on a desktop, where it tends to get buried.

If you’re running ad campaigns to your products (which you should be!), Amazon’s Brand Registry program allows you to use utilize Sponsored Brand Ads. These give you ad placements right at the top of the search results page, which tend to be the highest converting ads on the platform.

You can also take advantage of Amazon’s new display ad placements (DSP) where you can advertise for your Amazon listings off of Amazon.com. This is a new feature from Amazon for 3rd party sellers through Amazon Seller Central but definitely something worth while to test if you have a high enough budget to support it. Specific strategies and examples for how to utilize ads to grow your sales are also discussed.

If you’re looking for additional help with growing your brand on Amazon and you don’t want to miss out on the holiday sales rush this year, then the Masters of Marketplace membership may be a great option for you!

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Plus you get to join an amazing Facebook community with other small business owners just like you who truly believe in collaboration over competition. There’s also been a newly added payment plan to help make it more affordable during this wonderful season of giving (and receiving!).

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Here are a list of resources from this episode:

More Show Notes: 

1:30 The most important thing you should consider when growing your online business

2:30 What is Amazon’s Brand Registry Program?

2:40 What If you don’t have a registered trademark?

3:20 How can you take full advantage of Amazon’s Brand Registry Program?

3:40 The two things you need to have in order to apply for Amazon Brand Registry Program

5:50 Amazon’s list of recommended lawyers that can help you get your registered trademark

6:30 What is another great way to utilize the Brand Registry so that you can grow your Brand?

06:50 What is an Amazon Storefront and how could you use this feature to boost sales?

8:15 Tips on how to get creative and tell your brand’s story

9:05 What is A+ Content and why it is so important plus how it can help show the benefits of your brand

10:00 What metrics can Amazon Store insights provide you as a seller of a registered trademark

11:30 What are Sponsored Brand ads and how you can utilize them to get more sales?

11:55 What is the new Amazon’s advertising campaign type and how it can help you set yourself apart from the competition

13:30 What is the difference between Sponsored Brand Ads and Sponsored Product Ads? 

16:30 A smart and easy way to boost product sales by creating sponsored brand ads

18:50 The two different ways to target your audience on Amazon

19:50 Get to know the best place and time to learn how to set your brand up for success on Amazon and grow your sales

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