26: Creating a Contingency Plan for Your Amazon Store

Masters of marketplace Episode 26

Creating a Contingency Plan for Your Amazon Store

Mar 17, 2020 | Podcast

COVID-19 is the talk of well, everything, and is impacting businesses like we’ve never seen before. It’s difficult to formulate a contingency plan when it’s already too late.

Do you know how to ensure your Amazon store and overall business is safe and able to stay afloat in troubling times like these? Learn how to prepare yourself and your business when circumstances arise so that you don’t have to shut down your shop or go out of business.

About This Episode

The world is on fire! The WHO has already declared Coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic and some countries are on lockdown because of it. It’s affecting people’s lives and businesses from all different angles.

From a business perspective what would you do when something like this happens? Especially when it’s something completely outside of your control?

Does your business have a backup plan for when the unexpected happens? It’s difficult to know how to begin developing a backup plan without some guidance and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule.

This week’s episode theme of the Masters of Marketplace podcast is very hot as Kathleen is going to discuss the importance of creating a contingency plan for your Amazon business, why you should implement one and how to take the right actions.

She is revealing some of the most common scenarios you should be prepared for to ensure your business will continue to run and thrive, despite unforeseen circumstances that could become business breakers if not taken care of and planned for properly.

Tune in to get to know the full breakdown and learn what steps you as an Amazon seller should take to establish a sustainable and successful thriving business.

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Here is a list of resources from this episode:

More Show Notes: 

1:15 The motivation behind this podcast episode
2:10 The importance of creating a backup plan for your Amazon business
2:50 How the Coronavirus epidemic may be affecting your business
3:50 Why to implement a contingency plan when having a sole manufacturer
4:50 Other common scenarios you should be prepared for
8:30 A backup plan if you are a solopreneur
9:00 Why Kathleen recommends you should hire a virtual assistant right away and what to do if you can’t afford it
11:30 Advice on getting additional help for your business without spending much money
13:30 Why you need to create a contingency plan in case your Amazon account gets suspended plus the right steps to take

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